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IAT Bursatil

The perfect website for a finance school.

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Project Brief:

IAT Bursatil is a finance school based in Monterrey, Mexico. It’s offer is focused on providing financial knowledge to different profiles of clients. IAT courses goes from learning the basics of financial stability to became a profesional trader. This means this website should be very formal but also very attractive for users in order to cover all target customers from IAT.
This website should also show the complete educational offer of the courses and their requirements and dates.
The used of background videos and icons animation was a key in order to achieve the objectives for this project. 

Background videos have the roll of drawing the user attention to specific sections of the pages and make the website more visual friendly.
Animated icons designed for this website have an important roll on this site. Each course has his unique animated icon, which make it easy to recognize for users what they are looking for.
This kind of elements help the website to be a dynamic one without loosing formality that the business require. Also, the courses syllabus are available to download.

02 // iatbursatil.mx

Design Template:

This project´s phase one was to create the structure and a template of the website. In this phase it was important to develop and design the user experience and the visual look of the site. This assured us that the website was friendly for the user and that the customer would easily be able to find what they are looking for to get a nice shopping experience.

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Website Development

Once the design phase was over it was time to bring the site to life. In this phase we use the design accepted and reviewed by the customer in phase one to start developing the actual website. Pop-ups, menu, contact forms and different pages and animations for the site are created and connected.

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The last phase was to finish the project was making the site responsive. This means the web page will look awesome in any device: mobile, tablet & desktop!
In today´s life, having your website working AND looking good on many different devices will help you gain and convince potential clientes.

04 // iatbursatil.mx

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